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Welcome to GW Nunn

Our staff has been in specialty travel since 1992. We are certified SCUBA divers including a master SCUBA diver trainer, an emergency first responder trainer, a Dive Master and a dive charter boat captain, a trained white water raft guide, theme park engineer, project manager, and an educator. G.W. Nunn owners Greg and Claudia are just your typical couple who worked, lived, and traveled extensively in Southeast Asia and got engaged at sunrise in the Himalaya mountain range in Nepal. They created GW Nunn Adventures to share their love of travel with you.

We want you to come home with more than a slideshow and some trinkets, we want you to come home with great stories.

As Travel Consultants, we are licensed and bonded as full service travel agents, but we provide an in-depth, customized level of service outside of the pre packaged tours most often offered by franchise travel agents. We customize your itinerary to the style in which you like to travel, your particular interests, and preferred level of accommodation. We work with you to custom craft an itinerary specific to the benefits you wish to reap from the experience. We do offer a limited number of scheduled trips, such as our guided tours of India, which are small groups of 10-12, scheduled around holidays and the lunar calendar - imagine the chance of seeing the full moon rise over the Taj Mahal - but the majority off what we provide is "leave when you like."

We utilize our experiences working, living and traveling around the globe to provide you with the knowledge and expertise to create your dream itinerary. Some of our areas of specialty are Southeast Asia, Nepal, India, North, South and Central America, Middle East and the Caribbean. Adventure has many offerings and we provide most of them - nature tours, hikes, treks, foodie tours, archaeological and cultural tours, scuba, white water rafting, SUP, kayaking or just relaxing at a spa in an exotic land.

Are you ready for experiences you'll never forget? Give us a call or send an email to start planning your vacation with bragging rights.


We are Ordinary People on Extraordinary Adventures.

"We had an amazing time on our vacation (Cambodia and Vietnam). You did a great job setting up, and it was a breeze. It was perfectly relaxing and wonderfully full. I loved every minute. We got to see everything that we wanted and more than we expected."
Susanne, Atlanta, Ga