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When travel is not as much about the destination as it is about the journey.

Travel Consultants -- Crafting unique itineraries based on your preferences.
Our extensive knowledge of unique destinations and years of travel experience allow us to create customized journeys for our clients. We work with you to discover not just where you want to go we help you find the answer to what do you want to experience? Knowing how you want to feel when you return home enables us to recommend locations, types of tours, events, and accommodations. Experience a religious festival, enjoy a spa, eat with locals, gain insight into an ancient culture or give back by supplying backpacks to a local school. We craft your itinerary to your personal tastes and interest.

Guided Trips -- Scheduled small group tours to a variety of locations around the globe.
These scheduled trips allow you to experience a destination with a small group of like-minded individuals. Our expert guides will lead you throughout your journey. You will gain from their experience and insight while they handle the logistics along the way. We have a variety of trips scheduled or if you have a small group that you would like to travel with we can customize a tour for you.

Travel Agents -- Providing the best options, guides and tours for unique travel destinations.
We are not your parent’s travel agent. If you want to wander exotic markets, dive the oceans of the world, camel trek through a desert, see a floating village, explore ancient archaeological sites, or any of thousands of special experiences around the globe, we would be delighted to book your in-country travel, accommodations, and guides for your dream trip.

Scuba Instruction and Dive Travel -- Training and certification for your worldwide dive adventures.
Have you imagined yourself flying weightlessly over beautiful coral reefs while fish dart in and out of a shipwreck that the sea is slowly reclaiming? With 20 years experience in recreational scuba and 900+ certified students, owner Greg Nunn has the knowledge and experience to prepare you and your family for underwater adventures.