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Thailand offers adventure for every level of traveller. In the mountains and rain forests of the north you'll get glimpses of a variety of monkeys, birds and, thanks to the country's preservation efforts, the elephant's of Chiang Mai. Throughout the country, religion permeates like temple incense and there is no end to the Buddhist temples and monuments to ancient empires you will explore.

There is also no lack of fun from Phuket (where the H is silent) to Phi Phi (where the H is not silent). The beaches have made a remarkable recovery from the tsunami of 2004 and Patong is the touristy center of scooters and Thai boxing. Sun soaked beaches, brilliant blue waters, snorkeling and diving or just sitting in the warm white sand await the adult version of Spring Break.

When you need to recharge, Thailand is all about food. Complex in taste, yet simple in ingredients, your culinary adventure starts with chilies that can melt your toes and ends with sweet pineapples that put the fire out. Enjoy curries for all level of brave and the peanuty comfort food of pad thai washed down with fresh mango juice.

Come see how the images of old Siam's gilded palaces and exotic beauties and Bangkok's, rightly earned, tawdry reputation as Asia's red light district have matured into a modern metropolis offering a glimpse of the regal past, home to the world's longest reigning monarch as well as to the kitschy night markets and local street vendors.

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