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The cross roads for all travel through southeast Asia, Singapore is often referred to as "Asia lite" for being notoriously clean, safe, easy to navigate, and having English as the common language. But don't let that fool you. For close to 200 years Singapore has combined equal parts Malay, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, and Colonial British in a simmering stew.

The result -- a complex yet delicious experience.

The freshly ground marsala spices wafting through the air and the explosions of color from the saris, fresh flower and produce stalls of Little India live peacefully next to the the gilded mosques, ornate textiles and haunting calls to prayer coming from Arab Street. In Chinatown, block after block of street vendors hawk their wares drawing you in with the intoxicating smells of Chinese cuisine. Singapore is a modern city seasoned with cosmopolitan shopping, state of the art conveniences, ancient religions, and world class dining. And yes, it's true - no gum!

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