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You’ve heard about it, you’ve read about it - now be overwhelmed by Israel. It is vast in historical relevance and significance on the world stage, yet is only the size of New Jersey!

Seven thousand years of civilization makes Israel a destination with few rivals. Located at the cross roads of Europe, Asia and Africa, Phoenicians, Greeks, Babylonians, Romans, Arabs, Turks, and the British have all laid claim to its lands each leaving their influence in food, style and architecture. The spiritual and historical intertwine with the amazing landscape to provide a wealth of activity - enjoy the modern Mediterranean beaches and restaurants of Tel Aviv and then follow the roads to history’s most recognized places.

The 3,000 year old Holy City of Jerusalem, is home to three religious sites that are accessible and fascinating. Visit the holiest of Jewish sites, the Western Wall, and its excavated tunnels revealing a foundation that dates to the Romans. Then continue to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built on a hillside that encompasses the site of Christ’s crucifixion and tomb. The Temple Mount, the elevated plateau in the Old City, is where you will find the awe inspiring Dome of the Rock with is golden dome shining brightly. Built in A.D. 691, within it is the very rock on which Muhammad stood.

These icons sit amidst a bustling and lively center of activity for shopping and wandering the twisting and turning alleyways of the Old City quarters, the spice and food stalls tempting with their delicious aromas.

Outside the cities, the desert geography has plenty to offer. Visit Masada, the mountaintop fortress for a challenging hike or a leisurely cable car trip up to explore King Herod’s summer palace and breathtaking view of the Dead Sea. Below, the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is a green oasis of hiking trails for all levels, waterfalls, fresh water springs, hot spring spas and the opportunity to lather up with the deep black mud thought to be good for the skin and then float in the near weightlessness of the buoyant waters of the Dead Sea waters.

From snow-capped peaks in the north to scuba in the south, from the spiritual to the secular - Israel’s diversity is extraordinary.