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The eternal Nile has been visited by Moses, Saladin, Napoleon, Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great. Your first discovery will be the Egyptian people who are passionate about their heritage, their culture, and the centuries of visitors who have come to share in the stunning antiquities.

Both natural and man made wonders will provide endless adventure. From the desert vistas beyond the great Pyramids at Giza and Sakarra, to the bougainvillea and palm laced cost of the Nile, to the mountains of Sinai that border the Red Sea, boasting some of the world's greatest underwater dives.

Whether you climb down into the Valley of the Kings, walk among the statues of Ramses the Great at Luxor and the colossal hand painted pillars at Karnak or stroll the Corniche, the ancient boardwalk of the Mediterranean in Alexandria, home to Cleopatra's sunken palace, Egypt is truly a trip of the lifetime.

What will you remember -- the fascinating antiquities, the delightful people or the incredible opportunity to float down the Nile as the Pharaohs did?