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Costa Rica

Few places have embraced "eco-tourism" more solidly than Costa Rica. This tiny Central American nation is bursting with rich bio diversity with her lush tropical rain forests, cloud forests, tropical dry forests, and both Atlantic and Pacific reefs.

The possibilities for adventure are equally dynamic -- warm water beaches for surfing, kayaking, diving, and relaxing; trails for hiking, bird watching and animal viewing; exciting white water for rafting, and the opportunity to "fly" through the tree tops.

Costa Rica, a natural land bridge between North and South America, is filled with plants and animals from both continents. Four types of monkey, two types of sloths, more birds and butterflies than there are colors to describe them, frogs and snakes so beautiful that even the most squeamish will be compelled to get a closer look. Costa Rica is truly a nature lovers paradise. Just a few short hours from North America it is a unique destination of pura vida begging to be explored.

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