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Cambodia truly is a kingdom of wonder. From the floating villages of Tonle Sap, southeast Asia's largest fresh water lake to the powerful, sprawling 12th century complex of Angkor Wat to Phnom Penh the French colonial capital known as the Pearl of Asia, Cambodia reveals a resilient people with a true mission to preserve ancient treasures in a modern world.

Exploring Cambodia means experiencing one of the great hidden treasures of the world. Geographically, Cambodia is tucked in to the continent -- bisected by the mighty Mekong River and surrounded by neighboring Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, with her coastline on the Gulf of Thailand. Cambodia is now emerging after centuries of war and turmoil, you will be inspired by the Khmer people who are embracing the world with their warmth and grace in their new role as a travel destination.

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"We had an amazing time on our vacation(Cambodia and Vietnam). You did a great job setting up, and it was a breeze. It was perfectly relaxing and wonderfully full. I loved every minute. We got to see everything that we wanted and more than we expected. Thank you for making it so memorable. Hope to do another trip together soon."

Susanne, Atlanta, Ga