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Bali...just the name evokes the fragrant scent of frangipani, the image of lush rice terraces, all framed by palms swaying to the imagined score from South Pacific.

East of Java among the islands of Indonesia, in a single day you can go high into lush hills to visit the lake of a volcanic crater then down to the white sand beaches of the Indian Ocean. Bali offers you beauty and warmth through her art, culture, engaging people and a deep devotion to a unique form of Hinduism. You will be hard pressed to find a more exotic locale than your amazing adventure to Bali.

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"Greg thanks so much for the suggestion on the Ibah hotel in Ubud (Bali)...... Nothing short of phenomenal!!! The grounds have the character of an ancient tmple complex. Went to a sublime ceremony at the temple next door yesterday, tramping around today"

Jeff, Orlando, FL