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The Living Goddess Kumari of Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu’s Durbur Square, the traditional heart of the old town, offers a dizzying number of gods, goddess and deities on display. Intermingled between the Buddhism and Hinduism symbolism is one of the most fascinating, and somewhat mysterious aspects of Hindu … Continue reading

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Travel Tips: How not to get on an elephant

The internet is full of blogs and DIY sites explaining how to do practically everything and anything – but this is more about how not to do something. After an elephant top safari through the Chitwan Wildlife Preserve in Nepal, … Continue reading

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Man In The Moon Or The Rabbit On The Moon?

As a kid I would hear of the man in the moon, but I never saw it. I had a very active imagination -  my mother would argue an overly active imagination – but I never saw the man in … Continue reading

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