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Turn Right At Machu Picchu Book Review

This month’s travel/ adventure book of the month is New York Times Bestseller, Mark Adams’s Turn Right At Machu Picchu.  In honor of the hundred year anniversary of Hiram Bingham’s discovery of Machu Picchu, Mark Adams decided to follow in … Continue reading

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Travel Photo of the Week 12July12 Mount Everest

This week’s Travel Photo of the Week takes us to the top of the world, Sagarmāthā or as it is known by most westerners, Mount Everest. Called Sagarmāthā in Nepal and Chomolungma in Tibet, both words translate to Holy Mother … Continue reading

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Do I Really Need Travel Insurance?

So you are about to head out on that trip of a lifetime with everything planned to the last detail. Pets are cared for, house sitter arranged, contingency plans are set at work for your absence, every last detail addressed … Continue reading

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