Travel Photo of the Week 28July11 Costa Rica

Costa Rican Blue Crowned Motmot

This week’s Travel Photo of the Week takes us to the misty cloud forests of Monteverde Costa Rica to meet a Blue-Crowned Motmot. Motmots are native to rain forests, cloud forests, and coffee plantations throughout Mexico, Central and South America. Like their relatives kingfishers and bee eaters, they dig their nests into the soft soil during the rainy season between August to October but return the following March or April for the breeding season and to lay their eggs.


This photo always makes Claudia laugh. We’d set out that morning with no particular destination, it’d been misty-raining since dawn and I didn’t expect to see much because even animals have enough sense to come in out of the rain. As she describes it, a leisurely drive was cut short by a sudden locked brake slide to a stop and me grabbing my camera and slipping into the forest – leaving her sitting alone on the side of a small twisting mountain road in Costa Rica. Did I mention I had our only phone in my pocket? I returned about 15 minutes later (god love this woman because she is patient) and pounded on the passenger side window, excitedly motioning her to roll down the window. “ I got a blue-crowned motmot!” I exclaimed in excited explanation brandishing my camera as proof. Of course said the look on her face,  “that’s nice Mr Audobon, now get in the truck.”

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