What is a Travel Consultant and why would you want one?

What is a travel consultant and why would I want one?


The term Travel Consultant is relatively new and reflects an expansion of personal service beyond that of a traditional travel agent. Travel Consultants build their reputation on an elevated level of personalized service based on their in-depth knowledge of destinations usually acquired first hand, in order for you to reduce your planning time and maximize the most of your vacation time.


Time is the new luxury, it can be one of our most precious commodities. We each only have 24 hours in a day. We work hard to earn a very small amount of annual vacation time from an employer or if self-employed, a vacation is unpaid time away from your business. You want to make the most of your vacation but may spend hours on-line researching an unknown destination only to become overwhelmed by seemingly unlimited choices and possibly misled by exaggerated web sites or bloggers with a bad attitude.


Travel Consultants are specialists who apply their knowledge and experience to your travel expectations in order to create your personalized itinerary and reduce unproductive time.  An initial meeting with a Travel Consultant may last from one to several hours depending on the complexity of your travel planning. This is time well spent as the Travel Consultant is getting to know you and understand your ideal travel situation by listening and asking questions. Travel Consultants are concerned with ensuring that you get the best vacation experience possible based on what you want and not directing you to the package tour currently paying the highest commission.


Travel Consultants are very experienced in the areas that they represent having traveled to these locales repeatedly or in many cases lived abroad and can offer first hand knowledge of destinations. They know about local holidays, festivals, political situations, accessibility, resources for medical assistance, special needs and environmental conditions that could have a positive or negative impact on your trip.  From extensive time in-country, Travel Consultants establish great relationships with local guides, tour and hotel suppliers, have used their services and know them personally.


At GW Nunn Adventures, our goal as Travel Consultants is to assess your interests and travel comfort level.  Both foreign and domestic destinations offer varying levels of challenge to the first time or seasoned traveler. We help you determine what type of experiences you want to enjoy and in what environments. We are as concerned about how you want to feel after your vacation as we are while you are on it. For many travelers it is the unique moments and the personal interactions that stay with them long after the journey is complete.


Just as a sommelier pairs a wine perfectly with every course to maximize your dining experience, the services of a Travel Consultant are for creating the travel experience most suited to your interests, expectations, budget and for maximizing the quality time you spend on your adventure.

Contact the Travel Consultants at GW Nunn Adventures to arrange a consultation for your next great adventure.

Safe Travels,


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