What is a “Mer-ee”?

Not every one is familiar with Mer-ee so I have asked our mascot and favorite travel companion to tell in his own words a little about himself. Mer-ee has been great fun to travel with and has been a great source of amusement. He has helped to open up relations with the people we encounter in our travels and has provided us with lots of great memories and encounters that we would not have had otherwise. The people that we meet are as curious about us as we are of them but often feel intimidated by either my height, language, or other cultural barriers, Mer-ee helps to break down those obstacles and allows for a rich and rewarding exchanges. He also helps to put into context our travels and experiences for our younger friends and family much like Flat Stanley. At first I was a bit reluctant bringing out Mer-ee for photo opportunities (big guy, stuffed animal?) but it has always been an enjoyable experience.

Here is Mer-ee in his own words,


Mer-ee the mascot for GW Nunn Adventures

Mer-ee the mascot for GW Nunn Adventures working on his Mac

Hello, please allow me to introduce myself, I am Mer-ee a ferocious Singapore lion. Greg a.k.a. the big guy and Claudia adopted me from an orphanage in Singapore. They named me after the mascot of Singapore, the merlion a mythical creature that is half fish and half lion. Greg was leaving for Canada and wanted to be sure that Claudia who was staying in Singapore was safe and well protected. What better protector than a lion cub! I fulfilled my duties as protector with honor and dignity (except when she was hugging me, it is hard to be a noble bodyguard when you are being hugged). Any way over time I won them over with my quiet charm and personality and we had great fun together.


As a “joke” the big guy snuck me in his camera bag on their trip to Nepal, Mom was quite amused to see me sneaking out of the camera bag in the hotel room. I did not see much action in Nepal as the big guy was concerned for my well being (my “well being” ?he is the one who got dysentery!). I was however given the honor of being the first to know that the big guy had asked Claudia a.k.a. Mom to marry him and she said yes, we were destined to be a great pride (or as you with two legs call it, a family). After that they let the “cat out of the bag” and we always travel together. We have had great fun in Hong Kong where I climbed the steps to the big Buddha, went to Hong Kong Disneyland where I saw the greatest show EVER –Festival of the Lion King, and lots of other fun stuff. Since then our pride has been to the beautiful island of Bali, the pearl of southeast Asia, Vietnam, the tropical beaches of Thailand, the food crazy island nation of Singapore, the rugged coast line of the Pacific Coast Highway in California, from the sea to the clouds of Costa Rica, and my new home in central Florida. I am currently writing this in the Arabian peninsula where the big guy and I have been exploring the “Empty Quarter” the largest sand desert, meeting camels, and staying at Bedouin camps where I met a belly dancer (am not sure why, but she didnt  dress like the other women we see here).

Mer-ee meets a camel herder

Mer-ee and Greg of GW Nunn Adventures in Bali

I really enjoy meeting other people. Sometimes people are intimidated by the big guy he is over 190 cm tall (that is six foot 3 inches for those who don’t use the metric system) but when he pulls me out of his back pack, I win them over with my irresistible charm and humble nature. The people we encounter may not speak the same language but I break the ice and allow for some wonderful moments that they would not enjoy without me.


Because of my love of travel, my ability to protect, and my adorableness I have been given the responsibility of mascot for GW Nunn Adventures where I have my own page, photo gallery, and room for me to blog about my big adventures. I also have a Facebook page where my friends from all over the planet keep up with my busy schedule of international globe trotting and napping.


Thanks for taking time to read my story. I cant wait to write my next blog, keep an eye out  for it on www.gwnunn.com. I also submit “travel tips” to the GW Nunn Adventures news letter click here to sign up.


Paws and smell the flowers.



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