Travel Photo of the Week 9Mar11

Ko Phi Phi Island Thailand is the location of this week’s travel photo. There is no need to explain why this group of islands have been selected as a stunning back drop to several movies including the 007 franchise and the good book turned mediocre movie, The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio. The sun washes over the dramatic limestone cliffs and turns the water an electric turquoise as the long tail boats gently sway in the surf. If this does not get the beach lover in you dreaming about the perfect secluded beach in a tropical paradise you should check to see if you still have a pulse. Memories of the salt air, the warm clear water teeming with tropical fish, and the smooth warm sand between my toes always comes rushing back like the tide whenever I look at this photo.


The long tail boats of Thailand or “Hoa Tong” are christened by tying colorful strips of cloth. This ritual is repeated at the beginning of each touring season. Every November the owners of these beautiful boats tie these vibrantly colored cloths on the bow of their boats for good luck and to ask the spirits to protect and bring prosperity to their business. This ritual, however popular with tourist and photographers, is not for them, as it has been repeated for hundreds of years. We were lucky enough to be there in early December before the tropical sun and salt of Thailand weathers and fades them to a ghost of their former vibrancy.


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Greg Nunn

GW Nunn Adventures

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