March’s travel book review

Food, travel, and biting wit is the focus of GW Nunn Adventures travel book of the month. For March’s review we look at Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservation: Around the World on an Empty Stomach.” We have absolutely no reservations about recommending this book. This companion to the popular Travel Chanel series “No Reservations” takes you on an “off the beaten path” tour across the world seasoned with Tony’s sardonic New York wit. The term no holds barred is often thrown around loosely, but it truly fits this perfect travel and dining essay, taking a hard look at the good, the bad and the ugly of international travel and eating. If you have enjoyed anything Mr. Bourdain has done in the past, you will very much enjoy this book. With chapters on, Indonesia including the Padang incident where his camera man destroyed a whole days worth of food, visiting the grave of Paul Gauguin in the Marquesas, the food crazy culture of Singapore, getting evacuated by the U.S Marines out of Beirut, or his reenactment of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” Bourdain takes the reader from the less glamorous locales of Uzbekistan and Iceland to the splendor of Paris and Sicily. Although raw and unfiltered, Tony’s passion for travel, food and respect for the culture shine through. This may not be the favorite of some of the local tourist boards, but it is brutally honest and entertaining.


As a note of warning this book has strong language, references of smoking and drinking – which Tony does a lot of all three – and may not be appropriate for younger readers or those who are easily offended.


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