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Mission & Core Values

Our mission is to explore, engage with, and enjoy the wonders of the world's cultures, people, and environments while sharing that experience with our fellow travelers.

Sharing-- We value the shared experience with our travelers from the four star hotel to the $3 street meal.

Connecting-- We value connecting our travelers with the environment and the culture of the places we explore together.

Exploring-- We value experiencing a beautiful country and an interesting culture by engaging in conversations with the people and spending time exploring a location.

Having Fun-- We value sharing adventures with people and small stuffed animals.


Greg Nunn

Owner, Guide, Programmer

Greg has been traveling for as long as he can remember, some of his earliest memories are of family road trips thru the Smoky mountains that instilled a sense of adventure in this Ohio boy that carries on today.

After squeezing as much adventure as possible out of the mid-west, he relocated to Florida where he discovered a new passion, the ocean. Two years later he went off to serve his country in the United States Marine Corps, a treasure trove of adventure and travel opportunities from Presidential Honor Guard in Washington D.C. to Special Operations in southern California, jungle survival in the Philippines, desert training in the Middle East, and diving/ traveling through out the western Pacific.

Greg Nunn

Returning home to Florida, Greg continued his SCUBA training, achieving his Master SCUBA Diver Trainer certification. Greg teaches from introductory to the professional level of dive master, naturalist, wreck, nitrox mixed gas, and emergency first responder instructor. His technical diving includes cave and wreck diving as well as tri-mix in diving to extreme depths.

In 1992 Greg began to professionally share his love of travel leading dive trips in Florida, the Caribbean, Central America, and the Pacific. Marine Corps training, white water raft guide training and his knowledge of reef and rainforest eco systems led him to providing private adventure travel guide services. While his passion was traveling, lucrative work in theme park technical services devoured his time.

By 2008, Greg and then girlfriend Claudia moved to southeast Asia as Project Managers on the construction of a major theme park in Singapore. While in Singapore they traveled extensively through out southeast Asia - Bali, Thailand, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Viet Nam to name a few. Greg asked for Claudia's hand in marriage at sunrise on the Himalayas in Nepal. She said yes and they were married (at the zoo!) after their return to Florida.

Greg is an avid boater, fly fisherman, photographer, runner and makes a mean curry.

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Claudia Nunn

Owner, Guide, Programmer

Born in Philadelphia, Claudia held her first passport at the age of three. A well traveled explorer, she has lived in Toronto, Zurich, Hong Kong, and Singapore. With a background in the entertainment industry as a road manager, she has toured extensively through North and South America, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East.

Claudio NunnSettling down from life on the road, Claudia went to sea as an entertainment manager aboard Disney Cruise Line's ship Disney Magic.

This began her ten years in the Walt Disney Company, managing live shows and special events at sea and then at Walt Disney World in Florida.

She was on the opening team for Hong Kong Disneyland which offered opportunities to travel in China and was able to fulfill her travel dreams of standing on the Great Wall and visiting the Forbidden City.

Returning to the US, Claudia rejoined Disney Cruise Line as a manager in Marine + Technical Operations, responsible for the maintenance and show quality of all guest accommodations and public areas including restaurants, theaters, kids clubs and pool decks. Being responsible for the maintenance of moving venues entailed extensive Caribbean travel and logistics, knowledge of customs and immigration and the vagaries of business in the tropics.

Squeezed in to her already busy schedule, Claudia received her Master of Human Resources in 2006, graduating with honors. Her concentration was on international training and the expat experience.

A well respected project manager in the theme park and cruise industry, Claudia met Greg while preparing for a theme park build in Singapore. Exotic Singapore proved to be an excellent jumping off point for their shared travel addiction and for the rest of their lives together.

Claudia is dive certified, enjoys yoga and can find a spa anywhere. She freely admits to finding cell signal in Cambodia.

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Alice Bass

Communications, Egypt Programmer

Alice traveled the U.S. and Europe growing up as the child of a Navy Captain. When she was ten, a family drive from Seattle, Washington to Washington D.C. solidified her love of travel. On that trip as she and her father drove, he would tell her the stories behind the tourist stop-- the Hole in the Wall Gang, Mount Rushmore, Chimney Rock, Yellowstone and Old Faithful. The family was stationed in Stockholm, Sweden in the late ’70’s and from there Alice traveled to France, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the then Soviet Union.

Alice Bass Egypt
A published author and communications writer, Alice loves to share the stories of the people and the cultures we visit. She holds a Bachelors of Liberal Arts from Rollins College with a major in Theatre Arts and a certificate in Creativity and Innovation from Harvard School of Business Publishing and The Walt Disney Company.

Alice’s interest in Egypt grew from her interest in writing fictional stories about Pharonic life. On her first trip she fell in love with the antiquities, the art work, the Nile and the people.


Ana Nesbit

Family Program Director, Adventure Guide

Born in Colorado and raised in Florida, adventure in the outdoors has long been a part of Ana’s life. Ana and Greg met in a dive shop in Cocoa, Florida where Ana was on staff. Working their way up the ranks and running many trips to the Caribbean, she and Greg have been friends and colleagues for twenty years.

Ana Family program director

A background in marine construction kept Ana active in the diving and boating community -- she is a certified Dive Master and dive charter boat captain. Ana is also a specialist in marine grasses and in environmental impact in marine environments.

Mother to Olivia, Kadie and Zane, Ana has served her children and the larger education community as the President of the Parent Teacher Organization, as a parent participant in the Y-Adventure Guide Program Adventures Maids for girls 5-11 years old and organized the school’s annual attendance at Sea Camp - a marine education program for teens in the Florida Keys.

Ana’s investment in family activities, extra curricular environmental elementary education events and team building make her invaluable in setting the programing for GW Nunn’s family friendly and educational tours. As a member of Team in Training, Ana runs marathons and triathlons, enjoys kayaking and zip-lining.

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The lion, the myth, the legend.

Mer-ee was adopted by Claudia and Greg while living in Singapore, from of all places, a furniture store, a stand in for their beloved Jack Russell terrier at home with Greg's dad.

Named after the icon of Singapore a “merlion” (half lion, half fish) Mer-ee
has been a source of great amusement across continents, making his first appearances via Skype to Greg’s young nieces. Mer-eeʼs first big adventure was when he stowed away in Gregʼs camera bag during a trip to Nepal. The cat was out of the bag when the six foot three American man pulled Mer-ee out for his first photo op. From then on, Greg and Claudia realized the immediate connection that can be made with locals from such a small event.
mer-ee hong kong adventure
Mer-ee has climbed the steps to the big Buddha in Hong Kong, toured temples in Bali, cruised down the Mekong River, relaxed on the beach in Thailand, and conquered volcanos in Costa Rica. His favorite explorers are Dora and Waldo and he loves Animal Planet.

The youngest member of the GW Nunn team Mer-ee has a very laid back attitude. But don’t be fooled -- his eyes are constantly open, looking for new destinations and adventures on which to stowaway.

Made in China, found in Singapore and livin la vida lion now traveling the world!

Conect with Mer-ee on Facebook or read his blog post what is a mer-ee

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